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It's often a really valuable thing to do - to look back on what has happened in the past, so long as we don't overthink things of course.

Fortunately, at LEA there's no time for overthinking, we have too much to move on with. We have, however, had the opportunity to reflect on our past financial year of activities, and see some of the impact that we have had on mental health policy and reform across Australia.

For us, mostly, that's due to having the access we do to people who share their lived experience with us, whether that is as consumers, carers, or both. This is such an incredible honour - to have those truths be given to us to use for the benefit of all those who experience mental ill-health.

Our 2021-2022 Annual Report

We have just published our 2022 annual report, and we have reflected on quite a few things. Some of the joys we've shared are:

  • seeing the way our training participants develop their skills and confidence in advocacy;

  • reading the responses from clinical staff who have undertaken training to learn about working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities;

  • being able to directly translate our research into advocacy, using our Telehealth Report (from 2021) to inform submissions to re-instate Psychiatry Services that had been removed.

We're sharing our annual report with you so that you can share in these rewarding learnings with us, knowing that you're a part of what we do. Any survey you fill out for us, feedback you provide, focus group you participate in, even conversations help inform our advocacy to improve mental health policy.

View the Report

You can view the full report at: or if you'd prefer, you can download a copy to read offline.

Meanwhile, if you would like to let us know how LEA has helped or supported you, we'd love to hear it. Also if you have a burning topic that you'd like us to think about for our research or advocacy, why not get in touch with us through this link.



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