Our Training

We have a range of training modules for consumers, families, carers, clinicians and service providers. 

For: clinicians and service providers

Consumers & Carers as Educators

These five

modules provides practical guidance to engage consumers and carers in  meaningful ways into patient centred care models

For: clinicians and service providers

Carer Guide

These six e-learning modules explore each of the partnership standards within the Practical Guide for Working with Carers of People with a Mental Illness. 

For: consumers, families and carers

Advocacy Skills

These five modules provide consumers, families and carers with the skills to advocate for individual and organisational changes in mental health.

'Our Connection'

Webinar Series

Lived Experience Australia wants to promote and facilitate connectedness for the mental health lived experience community especially during these uncertain times. We understand how important and essential a sense of connection with others is to our wellbeing.
Join us for a fortnightly 30 minute webinar series every second Wednesday 
at 2.00pm AEDT  until the end of June.
You can view recordings of previous webinars and register for upcoming webinars below
Webinar 1: Ms Christine Morgan, CEO National Mental Health Commission
8 Apr 2020
Webinar 2: Getting Help - Helping Kids - Dr Bill Pring and Dr Sally Tregenza
22 Apr 2020
Webinar 3: Sharing Ideas - SA Mental Health Commissioners
6 May 2020
Webinar 4: Building Compassionate Links (Norm Wotherspoon & Chriss Gee) 
20 May 2020
Webinar 5: Caring for Carers - Getting into the Detail (Sharon Lawn & Sarah Sutton)
3 June 2020
Webinar 6: Keeping Connected - Rural and Remote (Lyn English & Dr Jennifer Bowers) 
17 June 2020

Our Research

Lived Experience Australia is involved in research projects to broaden the evidence base and knowledge of the mental health sector in Australia


Personality Disorder

This research explores information from public and private sectors on policies and treatment options for people with BPD and their carers.

Peer Worker
Research Project

We completed a feasibility project exploring the establishment of a member based organisation for the peer workforce in Australia.

Our Publications

Lived Experience Australia is actively involved in formal submissions, and development of publications.

COVID-19 Peer Worker

Tip Sheet

This tip sheet is to support Peer and Lived Experience Workers returning to the workplace after



We actively advocate for consumers, families and carers in mental health. Read about our formal submissions to support systemic changes in the mental health system. 

Carer Guide

The Carer Guide is based on six Partnership Standards. Download the Guide, access the online library and tools for self-assessment and organisational reporting.

Policy Documents

We have produced Policy Documents articulating our position on various topics.

Support Us

Lived Experience Australia National Secretariat
Phone 1300 620 042 or send us an enquiry
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