Our Research

Lived Experience Australia is involved in research projects to broaden the evidence base and knowledge of the mental health sector in Australia.

The 'Missing Middle'
Lived Experience Perspectives

This research identifies why people slip through the gaps or do not receive the mental health care they need.

Understanding the Experiences of Spouse Mental Health Carers

This research explores the unique role of caring for a spouse with severe mental illness.

Personality Disorder

This research explores information from public and private sectors on policies and treatment options for people with BPD and their carers.

Exploring GP Views and Experiences of Providing Care to People with BPD

This research explores the challenges faced by General Practitioners in providing care to patients with BPD.

Carer Guide Demonstration Project

This research explores the experiences of Ramsay Health Care in implementing the Practical Guide for Working with People with a Mental Illness.

Telehealth Psychiatry Consultation Reports

These research reports provide a national collective voice of consumers’ and carers' experiences accessing telehealth psychiatry services

Adult Mental Health Centre Survey Report


We conducted a survey with consumers and carers to get their perspectives to inform the 8 Adult Mental health Centres proposed for Australia.

Personality Disorder

This research explores experiences of family carers of people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Collaboration in Care
with Family Carers

This research explores collaboration in care with family carers of patients admitted to the Jamie Larcombe Centre in South Australia.

How are the NHMRC BPD guidelines faring in practice? A consumer perspective.

We asked BPD identified consumers to share their experiences of care under the NHRMC BPD guidelines, and compared it with data gathered in 2011.

Peer Worker
Research Project

We completed a feasibility project exploring the establishment of a member based organisation for the peer workforce in Australia.

Personality Disorder

This research explores the experience of care by Australians with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Implementing Carer Partnership Standards

This research explores the current changes in carer engagement following implementation of the Practical Guide for Working with People with a Mental Illness.