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How can I get involved?

Pathways to involvement

Lived Experience Australia often has people ask 'how can I be a part of what you do' and we are always pleased to have people want to participate in advocacy. 

We have put together this simple overview, so that you can choose your level of involvement, according to your needs, capacity, and availability. The list runs from lower levels of commitment (at the top) to more involved (towards the bottom). You are more than welcome to be part of what we do at multiple levels should you wish to.

You can read through all the options by scrolling down the page, or click on the bullet list item below to skip to the section that interests you.

Subscribe to our mailing list

Our subscribers receive the latest updates on our activities, including opportunities to be involved in our research, advocacy, and training programs.

We email a national newsletter monthly, and a few small state based emails (more targeted to your location) when appropriate.

We take great care not to overwhelm our subscribers with emails, and to ensure our content is created with subscriber wellbeing in mind.


Click here to become a subscriber.

Follow us on socials

To learn about the latest opportunities and events, from both LEA and our collaborative partners, follow LEA on our socials. You can click on the icons below to take you to your preferred platform:

Share your experiences in our research

We firmly believe that research is evidence and evidence is advocacy.


Our lived experience led research provides an evidence base to support advocacy for improved mental health services and systems. This research is conducted by, for, and with those with lived or living experience, as consumers, carers, or both.

Our previous research reports and information can be found on our Research page, this includes highly sought after and quoted research such as our Missing Middle report, our Equally Well collaboration report, and The Loneliness Report amongst others. 

If you would like to share your experiences and contribute to our research the best way to find out about these opportunities is to become a subscriber

Access our Capacity Building Program

Our capacity building (training) program offers workshops and programs for lived experience advocacy. 

LEA's program offers self-paced online learning opportunities, as well as interactive in person activities, from workshops to communities of practice. 

You can find out about all of our training options by viewing our Training page which also has links to be able to book online for any of our current offerings. 


With the knowledge gained from our programs, many of our graduates join our representative panel to be considered for advocacy opportunities that arise.

Join our Representative Panel

LEA is a key contact for Government and organisations seeking lived experience input into service design, evaluation and policy reform.


We have a diverse register of lived experience advocates who we engage to represent a range of lived experience perspectives. We offer a support and development program for our representatives.

You can nominate the level of involvement you are looking for from an occasional email about opportunities to regular representation opportunities (online or in person). The representative register also offers a pathway for employment and contract opportunities with LEA.

Find out more about what is involved in being on our panel at our dedicated page

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