Our Training

For Consumers, Carers and Peer Workers

Our online training modules, recorded webinars and resources are specifically for consumers, families, carers and peer workers. Take your advocacy to the next level, gain ideas and strategies for looking after yourself, understanding emotional triggers and tips for getting your message heard. They give you the skills and voice to speak up for yourself and on behalf of others.  

Get access to free online training today by clicking the link below. 
We have an exciting range of new 'live' training sessions and workshops coming soon. All training will be provided via Zoom and information added here.

Topics will include:
  • Exploring boundaries, self care, and triggers
  • Leadership for consumers, carers and peer workers
If you have a consumer, carer or peer worker group, you may also be interested in our by request training. We provide workshops and a Communities of Practice Skill Development Program. Ask us for more information today at admin@livedexperienceaustralia.com.au