Since 2004, Lived Experience Australia has appeared by invitation before Parliamentary Inquiries, made a significant number of formal Submissions and have been invited to actively contribute and participate in many national Forums.

Below is a list of our formal submissions:

November 2019 - Suicide Prevention Taskforce

July 2019 - Productivity Com Inquiry into MH SS

July 2019 - Productivity Com Inquiry into MH 7.19 Supplimentary Submission

July 2019 - Productivity Com Inquiry into MH Supplimentary Submission

March 2018 - Productivity Com Inquiry into MH

April 2018 - Minister Health Ins reform

March 2018 - NSMHS linkage NSQHS

August 2017 - ACHS Resources submission

December 2016 - Fifth National Mental Health Plan

Nov 2016 - Review of self-harm & suicide prevention services for veterans and ADF members

October 2016 - Suicide by Veterans and Ex-service Personnel

October 2016 - Inquiry into the NDIS Savings Fund Special Account Bill

September 2016 - Recognising and responding to deterioration in a person’s mental state

September 2016 - Budget Savings (Omnibus) Bill – psychiatric confinement

November 2015 - Health Insurance Amendment (Safety Net) Bill 2015

November 2015 - Private health insurance consultation

October 2015 - Dept SS carer payment & allowance form review

October 2015 - National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards Version 2

May 2015 - Senate Inquiry into the Social Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

April 2013 - Senate Inquiry into the care of younger and older Australians with dementia

January 2013 - Senate Inquiry into the National Disability Insurance Scheme

December 2012 - Senator Wright Improving MH services in country Australia

November 2012 - Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse

July 2011 - Senate Inquiry into the Australian Government's administration of the PBS

July 2011 - Senate Inquiry into Commonwealth Funding and Administration of MH Services

April 2011 - House of Representatives Inquiry into mental health and workforce participation

December 2010 - Australian Government National Carer Strategy

March 2010 - Recovery Principles NSMHS

March 2010 NACMH 'A mentally healthy Australia'

January 2010 - New Peak MH Consumer entity

December 2009 - Development of a National MH Workforce Strategy & Plan

October 2009 - Senate Inquiry into Suicide in Australia

April 2009 - Senate Inquiry Increased MBS Compliance Audit Initiative

March 2009 - NHHRC Interim Report

February 2009 DoHA on ATAPS

February 2009 Senate Select Committee - Inquiry into men's health

February 2009 April Department of Health and Ageing - Primary Health Care Strategy

January 2009 DoHA PHI - Health Insurers - Pilot Projects

August 2008 ACSQHC Consumer Engagement Strategy

August 2008 - NEHTA-ehealth record Privacy Blueprint for Individual Electronic Health Record

July 2008 DEEWR- National MH & Disability Employment Strategy

June 2008 - NHHRC

June 2008 House Reps - FCHY Inquiry into better support for carers

May 2008 Senate Commity Affairs Committee - Coalition BPD&CSA

March 2008 FHCSIA UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

March 2008 ACSQHC National Patient Charter of Rights

August 2007 Aust Govt Dept Human Services - Access card

March 2007 ACSQHC National Safety and Quality Accreditation Standards

December 2005 DoHA Mainstreaming of Private Sector Outreach Services Program

August 2005 - House of Reps Inquiry into health funding

August 2005 ACCC on Anti comp practices of health funds and private health insurance

March 2005 - Senate Select Committee on Mental Health

March 2005 - HR&EO Comm National Inquiry into Employment & Disability

January 2005 - OFPC Review of MBS&PBS

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