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Webinars for Staff, Clinicians & Peer Workers

Webinars for Staff, Clinicians,  and Peer Workers 


We currently don't have any webinars under this topic. 

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Webinars for the Lived Experience Community (Consumers, Carers & Peer Workers)

Webinars for the Lived Experience Community
- Consumers, Carers and Peer Workers

Perspectives 2024 SM Graphic 1 General Event.png

Lived Experience Australia is proud to be a sponsor of Perspectives 2024. This e-Symposium will bring together Lived Experience speakers, leaders, and advocates from across Australia exploring the overarching theme of ‘Amplifying Lived Experience Perspectives for Connection, Awareness and Change’.

Learn how Lived Expertise can drive meaningful change within communities, organisations, the mental health sector, and beyond.

You have the option to register to attend day 1, day 2 or both days. 

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Advocacy Skills Building Program for Consumers and Carers - Communities of Practice

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This program aims to develop and build knowledge, skills, confidence and capacity to support you as a systemic advocate. Systemic advocacy can include undertaking representational roles in national, state, local and organisation specific forums, committees and groups to provide input and advocate on behalf of those with a lived experience.


Learning is undertaken in a supported communities of practice environment with consumer and carer peers. The program consists of 6 x 2 hour Zoom sessions held over 4 months with learning, reflection and activities undertaken between sessions. You have the opportunity to practice skills learned as you progress through the program with the final session being a real-life advocacy representation opportunity.

The program is for consumers, families, carers and kin who undertake lived experience representational roles on committee, groups, or forums or are lived experience advocates in the mental health sector or are expecting to move into this role in the near future.

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