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Podcasts are the new black

Has anyone else here gotten quite into listening to podcasts lately?

I know I have.

I live in a rural community, 45 minutes drive away from the nearest major regional centre. That drive was always perceived by me as being 'dead- time'. I mean, what else can you do while driving a car? Watching webinars, TEDTalks or reading a book is kind of frowned upon when you're supposed to be concentrating on the road ahead.

Then I discovered podcasts! What a gamechanger!

All those people I wanted to listen to and learn from all of a sudden joined me in the car. It was amazing. Brene Brown kept me humble and inspired at the same time, as I drove to stock up on yet more food for the hungry children (where do they put it, honestly 🤷‍♀️). To top it off, I finished my drive feeling positive and upbeat and like I'd just had a conversation with some super great friends who were good for my mental health.

Another time I'd been having some 'tricky conversations' with my teenager and I wondered what to do. Ta da! I found a podcast dedicated to supporting parents of teenagers. #lifesaver

Mental Health Podcasts

It will come as no surprise to you that there are plenty of mental health podcasts out there. Long, short, serious, fun, qualified mental health professionals and lived experience (and sometimes a bit of both).

Lived Experience Australia's Fi Peel has a podcast called 'Communities of Collaboration' talking about Mental Health Reform: Who we are, where we have come from, and where we're going next.

Another great mental health podcast is by #livedexperience podcaster, Jeremy Godwin, and it's aptly called 'Let's talk about mental health' with a new episode out each week. The podcast is described as 'Simple ideas for looking after your mental health, with tips you can put into practice immediately.' Recent episodes have covered topics like: Handling disagreements; Following Rules; What's a 'good life'?; and Personal Standards.

I wonder if there are others that people can recommend?

Getting in on the act

With the idea of making our resources available to as many people as possible, Lived Experience Australia has also now added Podcasts to our tool belt.

For many people sitting through a webinar can be challenging. The timing might not be right, it may be held during work hours, or even just at a time where you're not feeling up to it.

So our wonderful training officer Emily uploaded many of our previous webinars to Spotify. These webinars/podcasts are available for people to listen to, if and when they feel like it.

We have added all of our previous free webinars to Spotify. These webinars are designed for both those experiencing or having experienced mental ill-health AND for those who are caring for, treating, and providing services to them. Some of our series are dedicated to professional learning for mental health professionals. Some have specific conversations about and for carers and family members.

The podcasts cover many topics including developing advocacy skills, peer work, incorporating lived experience into service provision, protecting yourself from burnout, and more.

Take your time

Above all, these webinars turned podcasts are designed to encourage, empower, and inspire people to learn more about mental heath lived and living experiences. They are not meant to overwhelm, so simply find one you relate to or are interested in, and have a listen. Or don't. It's completely up to you. We hope you'll find something worth listening to.

Maybe like me, you'll find those peaceful moments of listening to others and feeling uplifted and inspired by conversations instead of dragged down by the state of the world.

Stay well.

Heather (she/her)

Lived Experience Australia Marketing & Comms Officer

Mental Health Consumer



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