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Consumers and Carers as Educators

Consumers and Carers are in the unique position of being able to provide valuable information and insight through their lived experience.

The objective of these training modules is to inform and support health professionals. They provide practical guidance on how to involve consumers and carers in a meaningful ways into patient centred care models. 

The modules have been created to support practitioners including GPs, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental Health Nurses, Social Workers and other mental health practitioners. Click on the links below to commence each module. 

These modules are endorsed by RANZCP for 0.5 CPD points per module or 2.5 CPD points for all 5 modules (Activity code: ED000031) and the ACMHN for 5.0 CPE points. 

Click on the links below to commence each module.


This module explores the role of the nominated carer, how to access insight from carers, the Triangle of Care model and the impact of working in partnership

Consumer and Carer Involvement

Module 1


This module explores continuity of care and the impact this has on consumers, working across public and private services, documentation and handover, and your role in supporting continuity of care

Continuity of Care

Module 2


This module explores examples of effective communication practices, the impact of effective communication, your role in supporting shared care, and patient safety through appropriate communication


Module 3


This module explores the need for coordinated care, the consumer’s right to discuss the type of care best suited to their needs, and awareness of the different roles and responsibilities of health professionals


Module 4


This module explores shared care and a shared understanding of aims, review mechanisms, what contributes to successful collaboration, and the importance of including consumer and carer feedback


Module 5

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