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Incorporating Lived Experience into Service Design and Evaluation

For Staff, Practitioners, Hospitals & Mental Health Organisations

This free webinar series has been created to support staff, practitioners and hospitals to understand the benefits of, and develop strong consumer and carer inclusion, according to Standard 2. They are also offer great tips for other mental health organisations on how to engage with consumers and carers in service development, delivery and evaluation. 
Patient-centred care is recognised as an element of high quality healthcare in its own right, and there is strong evidence that it can lead to improvements in health care quality and outcomes by increasing safety, cost effectiveness and patient, family and staff satisfaction. Studies have demonstrated significant benefits from such partnerships in clinical quality and outcomes, the experience of care, and the business and operations of delivering care.
Operational benefits include lower costs per case, improved liability claims experiences and increased staff satisfaction and retention rates.  The importance of health services partnering with patients, families, carers and consumers is recognised at a national and international level.
If you are looking to contribute to improvements to mental health services, these webinars will cover these 5 key topics:
  • Taking inspiration from Standard 2
  • Insights into accreditation
  • CEO Perspectives on consumer & carer inclusion
  • Consumers, carers, and committees
  • Engaging with consumers and carers from diverse communities

Watch the recordings now. ​

Taking inspiration from Standard 2

Christine Gee is the CEO of Toowong Private Hospital, and is a strong advocate for partnering with consumers and carers in service provision. Under Christine's leadership, Toowong Private Hospital has won international awards for their programs.  

Join the webinar and listen to Christine talk about how to gain inspiration from the NSQHS Standard 2.

Consumer & Carer Engagement - Standard 2

Insights into Accreditation

Sandy Thompson has been working within Standards accreditation for more than 10 years. She introduces us into the fascinating world of the accreditation process of hospitals in Australia. With many years’ experience Sandy will be presenting on a vision of how staff and the accreditation process can work together towards better outcomes for consumers, carers and organisations alike. This webinar will provide a unique insight from a person working with hospitals to achieve best practice in service provision.

Consumer & Carer Inclusion - Insights in

CEO Perspectives on Standard 2

Christine Gee joins us again to share her perspectives on Standard 2 as a Chief Executive Officer.   Christine will give us a broad picture of how important consumer and carer representation voice is to Board members, staff and clinicians. Toowong Private Hospital has an excellent reputation for engaging consumers and carers in developing models of care, making decisions for service planning and evaluating their overall service. 

Consumer & Carer inclusion - CEO Perspec

Consumers, carers and committees

Peter Selar from Delmont Private hospital is walking the talk in bringing along Vanessa Harris, senior consumer representative to present this webinar. Together they will inspire us how they have developed healthy working partnerships engaging consumers and carers over many years.


Join this webinar to share in this unique experience for us to witness the partnering of these two individuals on effective engagement on committees.

Free Webinar Series Rectangular.png

Engaging with Consumers & Carers from Diverse Communities

Enaam is the Practice Manager at Personal Education

and Community Empowerment (PEACE) with Relationships Australia (SA) which is a service that works with people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds and provides services that help individuals, families and communities to overcome barriers and achieve happy and healthy relationships. This program is stunning in its engagement with consumers and carers and provides lessons to support mainstream services engage with consumers and carers from diverse communities. 

Consumer & Carer Inclusion Webinar June

Interested in developing your skills further? 

Lived Experience Australia provides a range of training options to support hospital staff and practitioners to step further into consumer and carer inclusion. 

You may be interested in reading our research into Peer Workers or undertaking some of our modules providing strategies for communication, cooperation and collaboration with carers the our Carer Guide.

If you'd like to know more about the vision that guides Lived Experience Australia, and learn why we do what we do have a look at it here.  

Keen to be part of what we do? 

At Lived Experience Australia we are regularly conducting new research, creating new training options and advocating for systemic change within the mental health system.  To be a part of this in the future, go to our Join Now page, fill it out and we'll be in contact with any offerings that you might be interested in or that you might be able to help us with.  

We're a small team and don't have time to send too many emails, so we make sure that these are sent when they are offering something valuable to our 'friends'.  Rest assured, we will not spam you. Once you have joined as our 'friend' you should receive an email confirmation, if you don't you may need to check your junk mail and add us as a recognised sender.  

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